Resources for Employers

Wisconsin Resources

  • WorkSource Wisconsin: An Employers Guide on Disability and Employment Employer Quantitative Research
    From the Executive Summary: A quantitative survey was conducted to obtain insights of employers in an effort to increase the hiring and advancement opportunities for employment of persons with disabilities within the State of Wisconsin. The survey findings from 413 employers, which represent various occupational sectors, provided valuable feedback about employing persons with disabilities in regard to 1) their perceived needs for information, 2) challenges faced in the workplace, and 3) the emerging successful practices of employers.
  • Worksite Wellness Resource Kit - 2010 resources from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services; assistance for implementing proven worksite wellness strategies

  • Employment Initiatives (WI Dept. of Health Services) "... these employment initiatives involve identifying current systematic barriers and designing creative ways to address them. The goal is to test innovative solutions to existing problems and incorporate them into the overall consumer-driven, systems change movement in Wisconsin."

  • Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute - University of Wisconsin–Stout; "provides solutions to positively impact the future of persons with disabilities and others in the community through services, training, and research."

Nationwide Resources

  • Workplaces That Thrive: A Resource for Creating Mental Health-Friendly Work Environments (Materials for Human Resources Personnel that outline policies, procedures, and examples of mentally health workplaces; from the ADS Center)

  • Partnership for Workplace Mental Health - Program from the American Psychiatric Association, which provides materials, resources, and an electronic newsletter to encourage businesses to make efforts to improve the mental health of their employees.

    • Employer Innovations Online  - Employer Innovations helps employers take action to address mental health at the workplace by providing case examples of successful corporate approaches. Search for actual practices of leading employers in key areas, such as screening and education, Employee Assistance Programs, and disability management.

  • "Getting to Work" Promoting Employment of People with Mental Illness .pdf- (Bazelon Center)  "The Report details the benefits of expanding state investments in supported employment services, which have been very successful in getting people with serious mental illness into competitive employment."
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