WUMH History

Wisconsin United for Mental Health was launched in May of 2002 with the support of many state, nonprofit, advocacy and consumer groups.

Here is a sampling of WUMH’s many achievements:

  • WUMH was selected as a partner by SAMHSA to serve as one of 8 states partnering in the federal Eliminating Barriers Initiative (EBI) in 2003.  EBI was a pilot program of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The EBI has concluded and its efforts were evaluated in the Highlights of the Final Report of the Evaluation of the Elimination of Barriers Initiative report.  Current anti-stigma efforts also continue through the ADS Center - (Acceptance, Dignity, and Social Acceptance) at: http://promoteacceptance.samhsa.gov/
  • WUMH donates 300 copies of the movie "A Beautiful Mind" to libraries in Wisconsin
  • Received $45,000 from SAMHSA in 2005 for increased education / outreach for implementation of anti-stigma messages
  • WUMH partnered with the Dept. of Labor and DWD in the Disability Navigator Partnership to promote anti-stigma employment opportunities for persons with mental illness
  • WUMH received Medicaid Infrastructure Grants for 5 years to promote anti-stigma education and support for employment opportunities for persons with mental illness
  • Received a UW Partnership Program grant to explore effective messaging to encourage various targeted women’s audiences to seek treatment for depression
  • Received a UW Partnership Program grant to explore facilitators and roadblocks to mental health in the workplace
  • Developed press conferences with Governor Scott McCallum and later with Lt. Governor Barbara Lawtoncurrent and former WUMH partners, including former Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton
  • Developed newspaper articles, PSAs, and radio interviews with state leaders to promote the mental illness is real, common, treatable and recovery is possible message
  • Developed award winning Media Guide in 2009
  • Widely marketing and promoted mental health screenings which has resulted in many thousands of people being screened
  • Develop a website that is visited by an average of 700+ monthly and a popular monthly newsletter received by over 800
  • Presented at numerous public events, e.g. WI Public Health Association Conference, DMHSAS conference, Transition and Rehabilitation conference, Suicide Prevention conference Health Fairs, etc.
  • Presented to and made inroads with a number of WI businesses to promote mental health in the workplace
  • Engaged in multiple events to promote all mental health weeks and months
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