Emergency Department Progress and Plans

Progress and Future of the WUMH Emergency Department Initiative

A Summit was held on April 30, 2013.  This summit brought together stakeholders from EDs, mental health consumer, WUMH and others to discuss the concerns, learn about possible solutions and determine next steps. 

The next steps include:

  1. Developing a local community pilot round-table session which will be a local version of the April 2013 state-wide summit held at Rogers Hospital in Oconomowoc. From the pilot, we hope to refine a round-table ‘approach’ that can be readily used in multiple communities with the aim of convening various stakeholders to better understand the ER needs of persons with a mental illness, to identify he challenges of emergency room personnel in care provision and discharge planning, and explore how to evaluate and improve ER best practices.
  2. Determining the effective use of peer specialists and the dissemination of research findings regarding care to persons with a mental illness in an ER setting.
  3. Identify or create a set of best practice protocols for how ED’s can respond to individuals with mental illnesses presenting at their facility,  i.e. a checklist.
  4. Develop training materials for EDs.  Reformat the consumer video used at the original Summit as a stand-alone piece that could be used in dialogues and training.

A WUMH sub-group was formed to focus on these issues and opportunities:

  • Zero Suicide initiative
  • Peer Run Respite (Wisconsin Department of Health Services; All three centers will open in March.)
  • Hospital Engagement Network (Will include mental health in QI.)
  • Facilitated Dialogue
  • Local Health Departments (FDL would like to move forward with community dialogue)
  • Complex Care (high utilizers of the ER) Initiative and State Innovation Grant (Medicaid initiatives)
  • Peer Link (GEP and Optum Health)
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