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WISE - End Stigma Together One Story at a Time

WUMH is working with another large coalition to help end stigma in Wisconsin and beyond. WISE is part of Rogers InHealth program and has a collection of video stories of people in Recovery.  They also provide training and consultation for workplaces and organizations.


Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Currently, preschool suspension and expulsion rates are more than 3 times higher than in kindergarten through 12th grade (disproportionately involving young boys of color). In an effort to address such issues, SAMHSA announced the creation of the National Center of Excellence for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC).
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The Impact of Bullying

The Myth of "Mean Girls"

Bullying can take many forms: such as physical bullying or verbal bullying. And it also involves relational forms, such as manipulating peer relationships by spreading nasty rumors, threatening to terminate friendships or excluding someone from a social group.   "... contrary to popular perceptions, higher levels of relational aggression were more common among boys than girls.

Wisconsin United for Mental Health is a diverse coalition of citizens dedicated to working collaboratively to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. Our initiatives promote mental health awareness and education with a wide variety of target audiences, e.g. media, employers, hospitals, and others. The goal is to expand awareness, improve inclusion and use of best practices in multiple environments and systems, and build linkages to support recovery.

WUMH Current Focus Areas

"Mental Health in the Emergency Department" "Mental Health in the Workplace" "Bullying Prevention Efforts"


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