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Five Point Plan to Improve the Nation’s Mental Health

By: Pamela S. Hyde, J.D., Administrator, SAMHSA and Paolo Del Vecchio, M.S.W., Director, Center for Mental Health Services, SAMHSA

"... 5 steps America could take that would immediately and greatly improve the existing overburdened mental health system and would help ensure delivery of effective, high quality, coordinated, and evidence-based care for Americans with mental illnesses."

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June is National Safety Month

Medicines can help you feel better and get well when you are sick. But if you don’t follow the directions, medicines can hurt you. You can lower your chances of side effects (unwanted or unexpected effects) from medicines by following directions carefully. Some medications are addictive, so taking them according to directions and only as needed is important.

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 Prevent Suicide Wisconsin Unveils New State Suicide Prevention Strategy

The Wisconsin Suicide Prevention Strategy 2015 (WSPS) was unveiled at the annual Prevent Suicide Wisconsin (PSW) conference on April 29th. The new strategy replaces the one that was created in 2002 and is intentionally more targeted to achieve greater impact. Local suicide prevention coalitions and others interested in suicide prevention are asked to consider how they can align their efforts to this new strategy.

Wisconsin United for Mental Health is a broad and diverse coalition of citizens dedicated to working collaboratively to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. Our initiatives promote mental health awareness and education with a wide variety of target audiences, e.g. media, employers, hospitals, and others. The goal is to expand awareness, improve inclusion and use of best practices in multiple environments and systems, and build linkages to support recovery.



WUMH Current Focus Areas

"Mental Health in the Emergency Department" "Mental Health in the Workplace" "Bullying Prevention Efforts"


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