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Words describing WUMH: Depression, Wisconsin, stigma, etc.What is Wisconsin United for Mental Health?

Wisconsin United for Mental Health is a broad and diverse coalition of citizens dedicated to working collaboratively to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. Our initiatives promote mental health awareness and education with a wide variety of target audiences, e.g. media, employers, hospitals, and others.  The goal is to expand awareness, improve inclusion and use of best practices in multiple environments and systems, and build linkages to support recovery.

This coalition of Wisconsin citizens includes people who are professionals in the mental health field, people whose lives have been touched by mental illness whether themselves or a family member, mental health advocates, and others who are simply willing to invest their time and talents toward making lives better.

WUMH History and Accomplishments

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Why does Wisconsin United for Mental Health exist?

Mental illness touches all our lives, either directly or indirectly through family members, friends, colleagues or members of the community. Mental illness is a term for a vast array and diverse scope of disorders that may range from mild impairment in quality of life to devastating disorders of a severe and persistent nature. Stigma results from the biased and inaccurate information about people with mental illnesses; people and the illnesses are often portrayed inaccurately in the media. The result is fear of diagnosis, which leads to lack of assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

What is Stigma and how can we eliminate it?

WUMH Mental Health Brochure

How does WUMH function?

WUMH is lead by an Executive Committee, which meets with members of the partner organizations quarterly.  WUMH obtains funding from grants and in-kind donations. We communicate through emails and meetings and disseminate information through our web site, electronic newsletters, and Facebook. 

2013-2014 WUMH Strategic Plan

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